Online DBA Programs From MARINE Foundation

Online DBA Programs MARINE Foundation
Area: Total undergraduate students at Kings Point, NYSTEM: 954 Faculty to Student Ratio: Between 13 and 1 percent of bachelor’s degrees were awarded in a STEM field:


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Annual tuition in full: $1020 The United States Merchant Marine Academy serves our country by preparing leaders to work honorably in maritime transportation and national security. The USMMA is thorough in scholarly assumptions and requires a greater number of credits than some other government administration foundation.

Online DBA Programs MARINE Foundation

“Deeds not words” is USMMA’s adage. The Academy graduates demonstrate that they are excellent STEM institutions. USMMA provides unparalleled training, leadership, and discipline, despite the fact that their offerings are not as diverse as those of larger universities.

Mathematics, science, English, leadership and ethics, comparative literature and history, naval science, physical education, and ship’s medicine are all required core courses for all students.

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Sea Year (each student will spend approximately one year at sea) and an internship are also required. After their first year, all students must pass a written exam to become licensed as Merchant Marine Officers.

There are five majors advertised: Maritime Transportation, Maritime Engineering, Maritime Engineering Systems, Maritime Engineering & Shipyard Management, and Maritime Engineering Depending on the major, electives can be taken as a minor or to complement majors. Overall, the USMMA’s STEM programs stand out for their tradition, honor, excellence, and rigorousness.

Top STEM Schools:

Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Systems Engineering Marine Science/Merchant Marine Officer

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